NSBF - LTI (Boys) & Marian Academy (Girls) take U-19 Titles.....McKenzie High win U-14, Kwakwani take U-16 Divisions
July 11th, 2017

Girls champs Marian Academy with Director of Sports Christopher Jones.

Watched by a fair sized crowd on Sunday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, the 12th annual National Schools Basketball Championships concluded with three Boys and one Girls final and when the dust had settled McKenzie High (U-14), Kwakwani (U-16), Marian Academy (Girls) and Linden Technical Institute (U-19) were all crowed Champions.

The feature games were the Boys U-19 final involving Marian Academy and LTI and Girls match-up between last year’s finalists Marian Academy and President’s College.
Playing in the last match of the well organsied tournament which was sponsored by Edward B Beharry and Companies Ltd, the National Sports Commission, John Fernandes Ltd and Sterling Product Ltd, LTI got the better of Marian Academy 52-48, in a keenly contested game which threatened to get physical at one stage.

The bigger students from Linden were spearheaded by lanky forward Daniel Lee, who apart from scoring crucial points from inside the paint, drilled a couple of three-pointers from ‘down town’ to register a game high 23 points, while defender Akin Wilson scored seven points and had 12 rebounds.

In a game which saw several ‘turn overs’ the difference between the two sides apart from their size was the three-point shooting from the lads from the Mining Town of Linden and their clinical shots from the Free throw line.

U-19 Champions LTI beat Marian Academy in the Final.

Although 6ft 4in Timothy Thomas, who had the only dunk, scored 22 points and 14 rebounds in the competitive battle for Marian Academy and Jahleel Young had 12 points, Marian Academy were always playing catch-up.

The 14-year-old Jether Harris is defiantly a player to watch and played in the U-14, 16 and 19 for the City side but none in their team seemed willing to try any long range shots and missed most of their free throws.

The star of the night for the Girls was the 14-year daughter of former National player Lugard Mohan who coached the Marian Academy to four finals on Sunday night.
Jada Mohan’s looks matched her skill and ball control and she was virtually a ‘one girl show’ for her team. She had a game high 14 points as Marian Academy beat President’s College 17-11 to reverse the result of last year’s clash between the two sides.

PC went five points up in the contest which saw plenty of missed shots from the girls from both teams before ‘the Mohan show’ began. She was guarded like a dangerous prisoner but the live-wire Mohan was on fire and escaped past the hapless PC’s defence to score several two pointers.

Mohan, who played with passion and speed, found herself on the floor on a few occasions and was voted tournament MVP of the girls division. In addition to her 14 points she had five rebounds and three steals, while her teammate Renuka Ramcharran was outstanding on the defensive end. Roshell Campbell scored six points and six rebounds for PC in a losing effort.

Earlier, in the opening game, Mackenzie High retained their U-14 title when they beat Marian Academy 34-30 despite a high quality performance from Marian Academy’s Captain Harris who led his team with 20 points, 13 rebounds and three steals. Meshal Allicock supported with four points and had five steals.

Mackenzie High’s best player was Cy Walker who scored 11 points, 4 rebounds, while Damascus Adams chipped in with nine points for the defending champions.

In the second game of the evening, Kwakwani comfortably won the U-16 title; defeating Marian Academy 42 to 20 points.

Kadeen Dover scored a game high 13 points and defender Nicholoud Lowden had 11 rebounds and five steals, while Isaiah Hintzen top- scored with 10 points, 11rebounds and five steals for the team from Kwakwani. Josiah Daniels contributed eight points, eight rebounds for the losers.

Director of Sports Christopher Jones made the presentation of Medals and Trophies to the teams in the Girls and Boys U-19 finals.