Hopetown Stealers pinch game from Smythfield Rockers in upset win
February 16th, 2017
From their performance the Hopetown Stealers Basketball club showed that their belated entry in the ongoing Anamayah Memorial Basketball competition did not affect their momentum.
Playing their first match and away from home against seasoned campaigners, Smythfield Rockers, last Sunday at the Vryman’s Erven Basketball Court, the Hopetown Stealers defied the odds as they played their hearts out to win in overtime 49-45.
From the first whistle the Hopetown Stealers showed that the organisers were right to honour their request and draft them in at a belated stage. The Stealers showed that they were ready for the occasion as the Rockers were unsteady and took some time to settle down as the Stealers stole the show early to end the first stanza in the lead at 17-15.
By the second quarter the Rockers settled down and began playing better basketball as the clawed back into the game. The Stealers for their part showed fight, but were outplayed by the Rockers who scored 16 points to the Stealers 9 as the Rockers ended the half in the lead 31-28.
As the second half began, the Stealers showed that they were made of steel as they took control once again as the Rockers began to stutter in their own back yard. The Stealers managed to score 11 points to the Rockers 6 as the ding dong battle continued. The Stealers ended the third quarter in the lead on 39-37.
The see saw nature of the game continued in the fourth quarter as both teams came out ready to battle in a last gasp effort to take the game. The battle was intense as both teams tried immensely for the advantage and the win. However, try as they may they could not break the shackles as the contest ended at 45-45.
Two minutes extra time was added and with the Hopetown Stealers and their fast start against the Smythfield Rockers taking some time to settle down, the Stealers scored four points to win the game at 49-45.
Jerrold Allen with a game high 18 points led the way for Hopetown Stealers with Neil McDonald 10 and Kellon Webster 6 supporting.
The Smythfield Rockers effort was led by Neil Wills 14, Michael Bowen 11 and Steve Ramnarine 6.
The competition is expected to continue on Sunday with Rose Hall Jammers taking on Ithaca Hardliners at the Fyrish Basketball Court. The coordinator is Vibert Garret. (Samuel Whyte)